Ristin Tuki ry is committed to protect the rights of individuals and keep personal data safe according to the requirements of data privacy decree of the EU, the GDPR. In this privacy policy we inform how personal data is collected, handled and stored.

Register holder

Ristin Tuki ry
Address: Vilhonvuorenkatu 11 A, 00500 Helsinki
Phone: 09 756 2510

Description of handling


To offer benefits:

– The delivery of magazines (TV7 Ystävät -magazine, TV7 Uutiset -magazine)
– Voluntary work (TV7 Uutiset -newspaper delivery and prayer activities)

Personal data categories

Following personal data categories are handled:

– Name
– Address
– Email
– Phone number
– Donation information
– Donation history

Rationale for handling

We handle personal data according to the next principles:

– If it is necessary for following an agreement where registered person is involved.
– If it is necessary for fulfilling legal commitments, e.g. laws for accounting
– If it is necessary for Ristin Tuki ry to fulfill its legal benefit regarding to the delivery of magazines, prayer activities and otherwise for good cooperation and service offering.


We store personal data as long as it’s necessary for the named purposes:

– If we have an active customer relationship with the registered person, we store the data according to the accounting laws unless there’s specific reason to store it longer.
– If registered person has given us consent to deliver newspapers or voluntary work related materials, we store the personal data until registered person cancels the consent.

The rights of the registered person

Anytime registered person may

– get information about the handling of personal data
– demand correction or update of missing or inaccurate personal data
– demand removal of personal data
– oppose handling of personal data due to reason caused by specific personal situation
– get his/her personal data in machine readable form
– demand limitation of handling of personal data

Every registered person has the right to make a complaint to relevant regulating official or official of the EU member state where registered person lives or works if they consider that their personal data is not handled according to applicable privacy laws.

The transfer of personal data outside of the EU is based and handled accoring to the current laws.



Our website uses cookies for analytics and delivery of ads. Cookies are small text files saved on user’s device which have certain validity time. Browser deletes cookies after they are expired, and also users can delete them from browser history. More information can be found from browsers’ instructions.

Analytics allow us to follow and improve the technical functionality of our website. Additionally by statistics we can tailor our contens to match better the interests of our viewers. Analytics gathers info e.g. about visited pages, used browser and watched videos. We use Google analytics service and anonymize data sent there. More info about Google analytics can be read here.

TV7 apps

TV7 has apps that allow watching the contents with different devices. They are available freely on different app stores. This chapter introduces data privacy of the apps.

TV7 apps don’t collect or require personal data but videos watched through the apps are logged in our video server. These logs include for example the id of watched video, timestamp, ip address of the device and generic info about the device. This data is used only for analytical purposes mentioned in the last chapter and cannot be combined with personal data. Apps don’t have any 3rd party analytics services.


For more information, contact our phone switch, phone number. 09 756 2510 or send email to tv7@tv7.fi.